Best Cooler in Summer Under 5k in India
Best Cooler in Summer Under 5k in India

the Best Cooler in Summer Under 5k in India Due to climate change, the heat is increasing every year and cooling has become necessary to avoid it. As the temperatures rise, we need to find a way to stay cool, for which we have prepared a list of the best coolers under 5000 that will give you relief from the scorching heat (May, June).

We can use air conditioners only with closed doors and windows, whereas air coolers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since there are so many brands available in the market, which brand is the best to choose? In the competitive market which brand of cooler will be suitable for us among the many brands like Havells Symphony Bajaj Cromptom? We have carefully selected each cooler so that you will not have any problems in the future

Best Cooler in Summer Under 5k in India

Buy a cooler after considering the following things

  • Cooling Capacity: Before buying an air cooler, check its cooling capacity. Coolers with higher cooling capacity are more capable of cooling larger spaces. Cooling capacity is measured in liters per hour or cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • Room size: Consider the size of the room you want to use the air cooler in as smaller rooms require less powerful coolers and larger rooms require more powerful coolers.
  • Portability: Do you need a portable cooler or not? Do you have to move the air cooler from one room to another or keep it in one place?
  • Climate: Assess the climate of your area as air coolers work well where humidity levels are low but they do not work effectively in humid climates so coolers are a good option in dry climates.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for a cooler that consumes less power and also has low operating costs.
  • Water Tank Capacity: Be sure to consider the water tank capacity of the air cooler as a large tank will not need to be filled frequently and will provide continuous cooling.
  • Noise level: If you are planning to install the air cooler in bedrooms or quiet places then you should check the noise level. Quiet operation is comfortable.

What is the noise level of coolers?

Zero noise operation is 25-55 dB (decibels)

  • Additional Features: Timer settings to enhance comfort and convenience Fan speeds Must check out features like remote control and air purification

On what basis did we choose for you

  • USER FRIENDLY: We selected the air cooler based on the controls that ensure convenience and ease of use for the user
  • Performance Evaluation: We have thoroughly evaluated the energy efficiency, cooling capacity, noise level, and other features of each air cooler by assessing different room sizes and environments
  • Longevity: Choose air coolers made from premium quality materials to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and peace of mind, with a long-lasting warranty included
  • Brand Reputation: We considered the credibility and reputation of all the brands of air coolers and gave priority to good quality and durable products
  • Comparison: We have created a list by comparing the features, prices, and specifications of each air cooler and identifying the best one among them.
  • Customer Feedback: We have analyzed customer reviews and feedback to understand other experiences with the products such as the pros and cons
  • Budget Friendly: We specifically focused on all coolers under Rs 5000 that have great quality and performance

1. Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler for amazon

Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler
Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler

This Bajaj freestanding cooler with an adjustable speed feature can create the ideal environment for you in extreme heat. This white-colored cooler with turbofan technology adds a touch of elegance to any space. Compact design to fit perfectly into your home, the made-in Duramarine pump has a 2-year warranty, and it performs great for rooms up to 200 sq. ft.


  • Price: Rs 4599/-
  • Wattage: 100 Watts
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Product Dimension: 33Dx36.5Wx70.5H Cm
  • Special Feature: Adjustable Speed, Portable
  • Included Components: Caster wheels, Cooler, Warranty card, Instruction manual
  • Reservoir Capacity:23 litres

About this items

  • Adjustable Air Flow: It has a 3-speed control that adjusts the airflow as per the requirement
  • CONVENIENT MOBILITY: Has caster wheels that allow air movement around
  • Duramarine Pump: All Bajaj air coolers come with a duramarine pump. High insulation is used to protect the pump from moisture which increases the life of the pump. Bajaj Electricals Ltd is giving 2 2-year warranty on the pump.
  • Category: Air Coolers for Home. Type: Personal Cooler. Throw in the air: 18 feet. Water tank capacity: 24 liters. Air Flow: 1700 CMH (peak). Color: White Cooler.


  • Adjustable speed feature by remote control
  • portable design
  • 24 L water tank that provides cooling without frequent refills
  • Caster wheels for convenient mobility
  • Hexacool technology that is antibacterial for clean air


  • relatively low water tank capacity
  • Limited to three-speed settings

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2. Havells kelt 24 liters personal air cooler

Havells kelt 24 liters personal air cooler
Havells kelt 24 liters personal air cooler

Howells Kelt It provides a peaceful environment for working or studying due to silent operation 24 L air cooler provides 800 m3/hr of air and overall good cooling with 3 side honeycomb pads for air cleaning It can also run on an inverter. It is a very good cooler for study rooms, bedrooms, dining areas and small offices. The design of its blades is such that it helps in circulating air to every corner. Strong design, corrosion resistant. Carry it from one place to another. Castor wheels have been used to make it easy to move


  • Price: Rs 4,790/-
  • Brand: Havells
  • Wattage: 230 watts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Air Delivery: 800 m3/hour
  • Fan Size: 7 Inch
  • Cooling Pad: 3 Side Honeycomb
  • Reservoir Capacity: 24 Liters
  • Weight: 7000 grams
  • Special Feature: Tank Cover
  • Dimensions: 30Dx32.6Wx76.8H centimeter

About this item:

  • Included Components 1 N Personal Cooler,4 N Castor Wheels, and 1 N Instruction manual
  • 7″ Aerodynamically designed fan
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Made of corrosion-resistant and sturdy design
  • 3 sided honeycomb pads are used
  • A Castor wheel was used which helps in rotating it in all directions.
  • very good at air distribution
  • Very good build quality with inverter compatibility


  • Sometimes the problem of water falling
  • It has manual controls only

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3. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler
Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

This cooler is ideal for rooms up to 12 square meters. It uses Symphony DIET 12T which cools the room during extreme heat and creates a comfortable environment. Due to i-Pure technology, it not only cools the air but also fights pollutants, allergens, and microorganisms


  • Price:5791/-
  • Material: Plastic
  • Reservoir Capacity: 12L
  • Air throw:30 ft
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Special Feature: i-Pure Technology, High-Speed Blower
  • Voltage: 250 volts
  • Item Weight:7 kg
  • Package Inclusion: 1 unit air cooler, 4 units castor wheel
  • Item Dimensions:30 x 33 x 84 Centimeters

 About this item:

  • Tank Capacity: Symphony Diet 12T has a 12-liter tank for water capacity. It also has a water star indicator which tells the water level.
  • Powerful Blower: Equipped with a high-speed blower for quick cooling
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY COOLING: Features a long-life distance pump. Honeycomb pads are used for the highest water-holding capacity. It is equipped with a cool flow dispenser to distribute water evenly all around.
  • Low power consumption: This cooler uses around 170 watts hence energy efficient It is good for one room It is also powered by an inverter Get cool without worrying about electricity bills and outages in summer


  • very easy to operate
  • Its design is very attractive
  • The Castor wheel has been used to rotate it around.
  • motor overload protector
  • cool flow dispenser


  • Empty Tank Alarm is not installed
  • manual control

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4. Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 25L Personal Air Cooler

Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 25L Personal Air Cooler
Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 25L Personal Air Cooler

Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 25L Personal Air Cooler provides high air distribution for cooling to every corner of the room. It has honeycomb pads that provide excellent cooling. It also has a water star indicator that tells us when to refill the tank. The body of this cooler is made of durable plastic with bacteria-resistant bactoshield honeycomb pads for long-lasting performance


  • Price: 4,490/-
  • Brand: Hindware
  • Model: Cruzo 25L
  • Weight: 7.4kg
  • Wattage: 100 Watts
  • Air Flow Capacity: 1178 CFM
  • Cooling Technology: Honeycomb Pad
  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Material: Plastic, Polypropylene
  • Product Dimension: ‎‎5D x 71.5W x 41H Centimetres

About this item:

  • High Cooling: Honeycomb pads provide excellent cooling
  • High Air Distribution: Provides maximum air distribution at the rate of 2000 m³/hour to cool every corner of the room
  • Inverter compatibility helps to run on an inverter for uninterrupted operation during power cut
  • Water level indicator: A water level indicator is used to identify when the water tank needs to be filled.
  • Durability: Made from a durable plastic body


  • Helps in high-air distribution
  • Uses bacteria-resistant cooling pads
  • castor wheel is used
  • consumes less power
  • smart water management
  • It is inverter-compatible


  • makes loud noises
  • need to refill the water

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5. Casa Copenhagen 5.12 Collection – 15L Personal Air Cooler

Casa Copenhagen 5.12 Collection - 15L Personal Air Cooler
Casa Copenhagen 5.12 Collection – 15L Personal Air Cooler

Casa Copenhagen 5.12 Collection 15L Personal Air Cooler is a very smart and great cooler for homes and offices. It has a water tank capacity of 15 liters. It has used high-density honeycomb pads to provide better and longer cooling times. It has an ice chamber blower. The option which provides more cooling It is designed for freestanding and Consumes very little power


  • Price:4899/-
  • Brand: Casa Copenhagen
  • Mounting: Type Freestanding
  • Capacity: 15 L
  • Colour: White
  • Weight:7400 grams
  • Special Feature: Low Power Consumption and Anti-bacterial Filter
  • Airflow Direction: 4-way
  • Controls Type: Remote
  • Included Components: Plastic
  • Product Dimensions:  38D x 37W x 63H Centimeters

About this item:

  • Product: This personal air cooler has a water capacity of 15 liters
  • Cooling Performance: It has an ice chamber and high-density honeycomb pad for better cooling for many hours. An air deflection facility is also available all around the room.
  • consumes very little power
  • Anti-bacterial filter has been used in it


  • This cooler has antibacterial properties
  • It is made of a portable design
  • An anti-bacterial filter is installed to improve air quality and reduce allergies.
  • A remote control facility is also available in it


  • Expensive according to features
  • Available in white color only
  • knobs don’t work

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Frequently Asked Questions about cooler (FAQs):

Are air coolers good for our health?

The answer would be yes, air coolers are good for our health because these coolers improve our air quality by adding moisture to the air and we do not have problems like dry eyes, dry skin, and respiratory problems.

Does the cooler cool the room?

Air coolers are capable of cooling small to medium-sized rooms and coolers produce cold by adding moisture to the air. Excessive moisture can hinder air circulation. To maintain this cooling process continuously, it should be controlled.

Can I keep ice cubes in air cooler?

Yes, ice can be kept in air coolers. Many people add ice to the water in the tank to increase the cooling efficiency, but today some coolers also have the facility of keeping ice compartments that provide cold air.

What is the room size for air coolers under 5000?

Air coolers under Rs 5000 are suitable for small and medium-sized rooms (100 to 200 square feet) and provide better cooling in these rooms.

Is a cooler as effective as an AC?

Air coolers are great for people with low budget but these coolers work efficiently for dry and humid places. Air conditioners are useful for places that can be closed from all sides while coolers are also useful for open rooms. Air conditioners cool rooms quickly

Which cooler gives cold air?

Desert Cooler: Desert coolers are designed for places where the temperature is very high and the humidity is low. These coolers can easily cool very large places because these coolers evaporate the heat from the water and give cool air.

How many types of coolers are there?

There are mainly four types of air coolers

desert air cooler, tower air cooler, personal air cooler, and window air cooler

Air coolers under Rs 5000 are capable of providing relief from the scorching heat. Cooling capabilities are capable of providing you relief from the heat at a design and budget-friendly price. These are ideal options for small and medium rooms. These coolers can be found in one place. It is very easy to take these coolers from one place to another. You can get the cooler as per your needs.

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