Google Project Astra
Google’s Project Astra: The Future of AI Assistants

Google Project Astra: Google has introduced many AI models in Google I/O 2024. One of these is Project Astra which has the potential to change the future of AI assistants. This answers your questions with the help of a camera. It will be a lot of fun to use it. (Google Project Astra)

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Google Project Astra

In the Google 2024 event, Google’s entire focus was on Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the event, the company introduced many amazing AI features of Gemini 1.5 and Imagen. Google also unveiled Project Astra which attracted everyone’s attention. Project Astra is a very interesting AI feature. It works through the camera of the smartphone. With the support of Google Gemini, Astra gives you answers to all your questions. Let us know in detail how the weapon works.

Google Astra working in real time
Google Astra working in real-time

Astra can be accessed through both the mobile app and the web. Google showed a video during the event in which it was clearly visible that the phone’s camera is on and Astra is being asked where the speaker is. Astra answers this. Then a line is drawn on the speaker’s Twitter and asked what it is, Astra says that it is the speaker’s Twitter. Google has said that the Astra tool sees the world exactly as we see it.

Phone cameras will work like our eyes

Through Project Astra, Google has introduced a personal AI assistant for you. When it works through the smartphone’s camera, the phone’s camera will work like your eyes. You can ask Gemini anything by bringing whatever things are around you in front of the phone camera.

How AI assistant Astra works

Google has also shared a demo video. By watching this video you will easily know how Project Astra works. If you want to solve any math equation or question then ask that question in the phone camera, and Gemini will give the solution immediately. Astra will tell the horoscope of everything seen in the camera with the help of Gemini. This feature of Google has the potential to change the future of AI Assistant.

Watching the demo video, it becomes clear that Google’s Project Astra works not only with smartphone cameras but also with smart glasses. This will help in improving the upcoming AI assistants of the future.



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