Nvidia Has Overtaken Microsoft
Nvidia Has Overtaken Microsoft

Nvidia Has Overtaken Microsoft Today

Nvidia has overtaken Microsoft to become the world’s first valuable company. Nvidia’s market value increased from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in just 9 months. Whereas it took only 3 months to reach three trillion dollars in June.

Due to the boom in AI technology, American companie Nvidia has become the most valuable companies in the world. It left tech giant Microsoft behind and Shares of this chip maker rose 3.2% to $135.21 on Tuesday, taking its market cap to $3.326 trillion.

A jump of 1 trillion dollars in 3 months In Nvidia Shares:

Just a few days ago, it had achieved second position by defeating iPhone manufacturing
company Apple. The company’s market value grew from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in just nine
months. Whereas it took only three months to reach $3 trillion in June and Nvidia Has Overtaken Microsoft Today.

Nvidia shares jump by almost 180% In One Year:

Its chips have been playing a central role in the growing market of artificial intelligence. Nvidia shares have surged nearly 180% so far this year, while Microsoft shares have gained nearly 19% and Nvidia Has Overtaken Microsoft in just 3 months.

Let us tell you that tech giants Microsoft, Meta Platform and Google-owned Alphabet are in a race to build their AI computing capabilities and dominate the emerging technology. The surge in shares took the stock to record highs. Due to this, Nvidia’s market cap registered a jump of more than $103 billion on Tuesday.

Nvidia Recently split its stock ten-for-one, effective June 7. A stock split can lower the price per share, making it more affordable for small investors to buy. “Retail investors are the real winners here with Nvidia doing a 10:1 stock split.

World’s most valuable companies and their market cap:

nvidia:3.335 trillion dollars
Microsoft: 3.317 trillion dollars
Apple: 3.285 trillion dollars
Alphabet: 2.170 trillion dollars
Amazon: 1.902 trillion dollars
Saudi Aramco: $1.787 trillion
Meta: 1.266 trillion dollars


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